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Published: Wed, Jun 10, 2020

Contributor: Dan Leger | Profile | Articles

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What You Can Expect From The LeakTuner® System

The LeakTuner tool empowers users to accurately pinpoint leaks before they surface. With advanced sensors, filters and high quality amplifier, the LeakTuner device can listen and amplify leak noise so that you can confirm leak and location accurately.

The LeakTuner system's ability to substantially reduce both electronic "white" noise as well ambient background noise enables users to detect even the quietest leaks. This leak validation tool is fully compatible with any pipe materials.

With advanced system design, a second user can listen to the leak noise at the same time for leak confirmation and training purposes within 20 meters apart.

Easy to Use

Our LeakTuner is compact, rugged, water-resistant and designed to reliably operate in the toughest of field conditions. With an intuitive and easy to use self-guided display, users can see up to 10 signal measurements on display. The system is easy to transport with simple-to-use ergonomic cros-body strap.

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Echologics Leak Detection

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