The Next Generation of Sizing and Locating Air Valves

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Published: Thu, Jan 7, 2021

Contributor: Glenn Votkin | Profile | Articles

Tags: A.R.I., Air Valves, Air Valve Selection, ARI, ARIavCAD, CAD Software, Software

Why do we need air valves? Pipelines are never empty, they begin their life filled with air, to be replaced with a liquid. The air valve is the device that allows one fluid to replace another. Air Valves discharge air at pipe filling, admit air at drainage, admit air at water column separation and release air when system is under pressure.

Why do we need ARIavCAD for Sizing and Energy Savings? AWWA published Manual 51 for water supply practices. This manual covers basic RULE of thumb design for typical valve location and types of valves. The manual works well for basic systems from point "a" to point "b", however todays systems are more complex and complicated through miles of connected supply and distribution lines. This is where ARIavCAD takes sizing and locating to a new level of awareness.

What is ARIavCAD? ARIavCAD is the next generation of air valve selecting, sizing and positioning software. It calculates hydraulic variables like: pressure and flow. The software analyzes vacuum prevention calculating drainage, rupture & burst and water column separation needs. In addition sizes for safe pipeline filling. However unlike previous manual methods that calculate based on the relationship between slope, rise and run the software allows for hundreds to thousands of pipeline profile inputs and their related interactions.

Energy Saving, The newly released version 7 can also predict the amount of energy wasted due to air in the pipe selecting and positioning air valves in these locations.

Does ARIavCAD replace Transient Modeling Software? No. ARIavCAD provides a "snap shot" of the pipeline in steady state where transient software is dynamic allowing for cause and effect analysis. ARIavCAD supplements transient software providing a base map of valve selection and flow rate inputs to make the modeling more accurate.

What does it cost? How do I access the software? The use of the ARIavCAD software is a free service we offer to our local clients.

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