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Published: Thu, Nov 25, 2021

Contributor: Jordon Bergen | Articles

Tags: Coatings, Non Structural, Polyurea, Semi Structural, Structural, Structural Lining Systems

A big discussion point within the industry has been around the definition of non, semi and fully structural lining systems.

We have broken down our lining systems into three classes:

Class A: Structural

This system assumes that the host structure will no longer exist in the future. The technologies in this category typically use unbonded repair methodologies since they are designed to provide their own structural needs.

Class B: Semi Structural

This system is used to compliment an existing structure by restoring the structure to OEM or better values. Since the original structure is still required, this is typically a bonded repair.

Class C: Non Structural

Typically found in new construction environments, these liners include thin coatings that compliment the existing structure to extend the service life. These systems are a bonded repair relying on a well prepared substrate.

In this case, we installed a Semi Structural system consisting of 1" of engineered concrete to compliment the surrounding structure, followed by a 120 mil coating of pure polyurea. Together these products will extend the service life of this chamber against both structural failures and chemical attack.

Enjoy the brief clip below of a project we just recently completed!

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