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What’s that awful smell coming from the air release valve chamber? Are you unsure how to balance the necessity of sewer air valves and keep corrosive, dangerous and annoying H₂S out of the chamber and unhappy homeowners?

infraScrub by infraChoice

The function of an air valve is to discharge air from the Pipeline during fill. Depending on frequency of pumping the air discharged can produce unappealing odours. The main culprit is hydrogen sulfide (H2S) but other malodorous compounds are present as well. The problem has largely been ignored or ineffectively treated with activated carbon....UNTIL NOW!

Odour elimination is accomplished through a two-stage process of Converting and Oxidizing. This technology protects against the escape of malodours which cannot be readily oxidized. Each technology has a critical role to play.

Step 1: Converting is accomplished by using a patented media that uses blended polymeric amine, formulated for maximum removal of H2S and mercaptans.

Step 2: Oxidation is accomplished with chlorine dioxide technology which reacts with the most offensive odor producing compounds.

The infraScrub system connects directly to your air valve through a manifold which will permit air to be drawn directly from atmosphere when the air valve is under vacuum pressure and discharging sewer air only through the odour control canister media. This ensures that your valve fully operates as it was designed.

infraScrub’s media will provide a much longer service life than products such as activated carbon. The end result is; no corrosive acidic discharge from media, no clumping, no power required and media disposal, requires no special handling and NO SMELL!

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