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Looking to eliminate workplace hazards and reducing maintenance costs while trying to keep your lift stations clean and running efficiently? The answer is obvious, the Reliant Wet Well Wizard has you covered!

Reliant Well Wizard is the safest and easiest way to maintain your wet wells. With its patented internal cleaving baffles, it is designed to aggressively mix and cut through the FOG “Fats, Oils and Grease”. High volumes of air ejected into the effluent stream raises the dissolved oxygen (DO) level. By changing the environment from septic to aerobic, natural bacteria goes to work by eating FOG and as a by-product, H2S is mitigated or eliminated, providing further protection against corrosion within your collection system

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Heres what Derick Anderson from the City of Regina has to say about the Wet Well Wizard



Collection System Aeration and Microbial Benefits - Jim Dartez
Wet Well Wizard Questionnaire

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