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Water loss in aging infrastructure is not only wasteful, it can severely impact a utility provider's cost structure. What if there was a high-tech solution to help quickly identify the source of the leak?

Echologics provides high-quality and actionable information about buried water pipeline infrastructure, helping to optimize capital investments and rehabilitation programs. By understanding the actual condition of buried infrastructure, water providers can:

Echologics Leakfinder STĀ®

Leak Detection

Don't want or need to purchase the equipment directly? Using start of the art leak detection technology from our product partners, our team can help your diagnose those pesky water system leaks quickly and efficiently and provide solutions for how to deal with the leaks. Using these tools we can often pinpoint the leak within 1 Meter, helping you know precisely where to access the pipe. Contact our Service Team for more.

NEW! LeakTunerĀ®

The LeakTuner tool empowers users to accurately pinpoint leaks before they surface. With advanced sensors, filters and high quality amplifier, the LeakTuner device can listen and amplify leak noise so that you can confirm leak and location accurately. This tool is actively used in many hotels and hotels, we are especially proud of the placement in Deerfoot Casino. Contact our Service Team for more.

Permanent Small Diameter Leak Detection

Quickly and accurately pinpoint leaks in small diameter water mains of all material types including cast iron, ductile iron and PVC.

Put your Hydrants To Work by Turning them into SAM

Condition Assessment

Rapidly understand the condition of buried water main infrastructure by using acoustic signals to assign a grade based on the condition of the pipe segment.

Permanent Large Diameter Leak Detection

Cost-effective leak detection and monitoring solutions that combine proven acoustic leak detection technology with leading-edge wireless connectivity.

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