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Want to significantly extend the life of your underground structures? Permacast® Structural Liners are made of specially formulated fiber reinforced cements engineered for underground sewer structures.

Structure renewal of manholes, underground sewer systems:   

*High strength and corrosion resistant   
*Quick, economical and uniform layer   
*Provides waterproofing, sealing, structural reinforcement of existing manholes

Structural liners are engineered to reinforce, seal and protect existing brick, block or precast concrete manholes. The Engineering Design Guide specifies the material strength and thickness required to double the life of weakened manholes as determined by its depth, ground water pressure, traffic loads, shape and condition.

Design specifications aid in the selection of the best material for each particular problem. Our systems are installed by our factory trained and certified network of applicators. Our patented process allows for bi-directional centrifugal compaction applied uniformly from top to bottom for consistent thickness and easy inspector verification.


Rehabilitate concrete manholes with centrifugally cast PERMACAST

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Published Tue, Apr 16, 2013

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