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Did you know? Around 90 percent of plastic waste in the world's oceans comes from rivers?The Bandalong and Bandit Litter Traps are designed to float in waterways in order to capture litter before it flows farther downstream

InfraStruct Products and Services offers products and installation services for the Stormwater Systems Bandalong Litter Trap.

Announcing the Bandalong Bandit

Designed to capture floating litter in smaller waterways! Ideal for seasonal use in our Canadian climate.

The NEW Bandalong Bandit is a smaller model to its larger cousin the Bandalong Litter Trap. The goal was to make a solution for smaller creeks and streams challenged with floating trash. The Bandalong Bandit is designed to fit into smaller waterways… fits into the bed of a pickup truck, is lightweight, and easily installed.

The Full Size Bandalong Litter Trap

By using the current to guide debris into the trap, this performance floatable control technology continuously operates without any mechanical assistance to capture floating litter. The Bandalong is a proven, cost-effective solution for floatables control and is the answer to the growing problem of litter in our waterways. The Bandalong Litter Trap is the ideal in-stream solution for floatables where combined sewer overflows are concerned. It captures 85%-90% of all garbage in waterways and rivers.

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