ARI Air Valves for Potable Water Systems

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ARI Air Valves are the most compact, light weight air valves in the market outperforming the competition by simply working, while others fail.

Why ARI Air Valves For Potable Water?

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Seventeen years ago municipalities and civil engineers would have said, "who is ARI?" Today they say, "we cannot function without ARI."

Why do I need an Air Valve?

An air valve is critical component of your pipeline allowing fluid to flow while under pressure in addition protecting the pipeline during draining. Simply put, an ARI Air Valve is the "lungs of your pipe".

Why has ARI Had Such Great Success Over Other Brands Within The Market?

Engineering Drawings

Please click this link to download ZIP file (10 Mb) containing engineering drawings in DWG format.

Contact an infraStruct Sales Representative to find out how we can help you improve your pipeline efficiency, eliminate confined space entry and reduce service costs, or to book a "Lunch and Learn".

Sanitary Air Valve Maintenance

A properly functioning air valve is a critical component of your pipeline, allowing fluid to flow while under pressure, in addition protecting the pipeline during draining. A correctly installed, high quality air valve will drastically improve the performance of your water and sanitary systems, reducing service and maintenance costs over the long term.

infraStruct Services can perform repair and ongoing maintenance on any brand of Air Valve.

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