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Ever wonder how much clean water (I&I) gets into your sanitary systems simply through the pick holes in the cover? Or through lid and frame? Or through the frame and concrete sub-structure and ever wonder if this is the true cause of asphalt “pancaking”?

The Lifespan® System is a watertight, corrosion-proof, non-conductive, locking rubber manhole frame and cover system that prevents rain derived inflow from entering sanitary sewers through the top of the manhole.

Lifespan® is the only integrated system on the market that is specifically designed to eliminate unwanted flows at the cover and chimney area. It's also designed to retain the hydraulic, watertight and structural integrity of the underlying concrete structure and deliver a longer service life.

Just Say NO to System Failure

Manholes are often the first segment of a collection system to fail!

Traditional concrete and metal systems are not designed to effectively handle their actual use - withstanding freeze-thaw cycles, heavy traffic loads and a highly corrosive environment. When they inevitably crack and fail, water enters the collection system adding unanticipated flows. At the same time, the surrounding pavement is damaged.

The result is reduced capacity with increased wastewater treatment costs and energy use. Of course, there's also the expense of repairing the road and the manhole structures themselves.

The Lifespan® System is specifically designed to eliminate unwanted flows at the cover and chimney area; and retain the hydraulic, watertight and structural integrity of the underlying concrete structure, thereby delivering an extended service life

The Lifespan® System is made of the same ultra high-performance rubber materials that have been used in sanitary sewers and on transportation projects for more than 50 years, on such applications as bridge bearing pads, railroad crossing seals and expansion joints on roadways and parking structures.

Now, applied to collection systems, it provides a water tight, naturally corrosion proof, and extremely durable system. It also has the added benefit of minimizing road noise because there are no rattling covers.

The Lifespan® System is available in 24", 27" and 30" clear-opening sizes.

The Lifespan® System components include:

Principal Features:

The Lifespan® System has been field-proven since 2006 in some extremely harsh city road environments, including Montreal, Canada and Naperville, IL, where air temperatures can range from -25 F to 104 F (-32 C to +40 C); and where, in addition to bus and truck traffic, the frames and covers are subject to attack from sewer acids and gases, freeze/thaw cycles, corrosive road salts and snow-plow blades. And don't worry about high street surface temperatures. The Lifespan® components are cured at temperatures much higher than any street surface will ever reach, so there is absolutely no concern about the product melting or losing its structural integrity while in service.

The Lifespan® System offers a greater benefit for a longer period:


The Lifespan® System frame and adjustment risers meet the current ASTM material specification for rubber pipe-gaskets and pipe-to-manhole connectors (ASTM C443 and C923). It also meets AASHTO H-25/HS-25 load requirements with cast iron, and H-20/HS-25 load requirements with composite covers.


Lifespan System Info Sheet
Lifespan Brochure and Fact Sheet

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