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Sidewalk and Slab Leveling (Video)

infraStruct Abandons a 1200mm CSP Storm Pipe with Polyurethane

Injectable Leak Sealant

CASE STUDY: Seawall grouting saves client big bucks

Four Ways To Stop Leaking Manholes

How To Save Your Infrastructure, Even If It's Next To A River (Video)

Sinking Weigh Station Repaired With Prime Resins Soil Stabilization Grout

Fix Basement Leaks And Wall Cracks With Prime Resins 900XLV Foam

Concrete Slab Lifting Improved Efficiency With Prime Resins Equalizer Flush

Slab Lifting Repair On Anthony Henday Highway

infraStruct Services - Municipal Confined Space Service Specialists

Sink Hole Void Fill (Video)

Richmond Box Culvert Interface Leak (Video)

1200mm CMP Chamber, Abandoned Pipe Fill (Video)

Seawall repair: Sealing Cracks in Seawalls (Video)

Void Filling

Emergency Tank Lining Immediate Mobilization

Seawall Stabilization

Pipe Abandonment

Langley Manhole Rehab in 360 degrees

OBIC Multi-layer system installation

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Head Office/Products
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